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BSF Thread, BSF What If question in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; What if your school has signed up to the managed service, you've been TUPED and then your school dosn't get ...
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    BSF What If question

    What if your school has signed up to the managed service, you've been TUPED and then your school dosn't get a re build or refurb due to the monies being pulled by a change of government.

    Our school is in the position where the IT staff are going to be TUPED in 2012 but building work won't start till after that date.

    If the money was pulled for the build would the managed service have to provide a infrastructure update? In a recent meeting they specifies CAT6 in new build and refurbs.

    Also does anyone have any idea over legacy kit. Say a proportion of PC's are 4-5 years old and they DON'T accept them into the managed service then where does the cost of replacement come from. Will the school loose some of its 'pot' of money to buy from the managed service catalogue.

    Any advice, pointers or links will be much appreciated.

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    Unfortunately there are no simple answers. The answers to your questions will (should) be contained in the detail in the contract between the LA and its suppliers in the LEP, assuming your LA are on the ball and have considered them. All you can do is ask that they have considered the questions

    With regard to legacy kit; the MSP will (should) agree what kit will be supported, at what cost to the school. This is likely to be in addition to any negotiated payment per pupil per year the school makes the MSP for ICT service provision. Anything judged to be too old will be scrapped. New equipment to be installed in the BSF school will be funded out of the BSF ICT funding.... the level of which will be agreed in the contract..... the same goes for equipment that becomes obsolete during the MSP contract. The devil is in the detail.

    It varies by LA.
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    What if?

    You won't TUPE until Financial Close (contract sign) of the sample schemes which the preferred bidder has developed. At this point the funds for the sample schemes are guaranteed so they will go ahead regardless (if not the contractor can claim liqiudated damages) and this will include the funds for the ICT fit out of the sample schemes and occassionally may include some refurb of ICT in the other schools.

    Also at this point the ICT managed service will generally start and this will usually either be for the sample schools only or more likely all the schools (generally to a lower service spec for existing schools before they are re-built or refurbed - known as an 'interim service'). Depending on whether all schools recieve the ICT service at this point, either all the ICT staff will TUPE or just enough for the sample schools with further staff TUPE'd in phases when Financial Close is reached on each new non-sample school.

    If BSF funding is scrapped at any point in the process then the existing contracts signed at FC of the sample (and potentially early non-sample) schools will need to be honoured (or bought out at a large cost) and therefore staff TUPE'd will continue to work for the ICT contractor and provide the managed service (be it full or interim). They won't however have to upgrade or re-fit ICT to schools which had BSF funding chopped before the got Financial Close but will have to 'refresh' ICT kit in the schools they do provide a full managed service to (the LA will need to fund ICT refresh in the schools which just have an interim service).

    All this is a bit long and complex but hopefully helps - I can't see BSF being scrapped altogether but can see it being scaled back to what PFI used to be, probably with ICT fit-out included but managed service being optional and generally remaining in-house (a bit like soft FM - cleaning, catering etc).

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