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BSF Thread, BSF and RM in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Originally Posted by broc Sadly, your experience seems to match that of others who have trod a similar path before ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by broc View Post
    Sadly, your experience seems to match that of others who have trod a similar path before you

    There is no simple answer, and if you ask too many difficult questions & flag up too many issues you may be sidelined from further debate. The BSF mantra seems to be "You will get the ICT solution the LEP wants to deliver, not what the schools need......"
    Yes, I know and that is the whole problem really.

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    @Witch - I can identify with that sentiment. My predecessor here spent some time with the LA's BSF steering group.

    Although I think we all appreciate the fact that BSF will help a lot of schools badly in need of better facilities, the way some LA's are going about implementing it beggars belief. One size does not fit all, and they do know that. Regional demographics alone mean some schools need more support in areas that others don't.

    My predecessor tried to get involved with the pre-consultation process and get some real-world common sense into the mix. He went to the meetings along with our previous head but both were very dismayed by what they saw and their involvement with the process didn't last very long. They both came away with the distinct impression that the consultation exercise was just that - an exercise to say it had been done - as all suggestions made by school staff on the panel were pretty well blanked.

    I'm digressing from your topic on RM, but I thought I'd let you know I share your sentiments about schools not being invited into the process at an early stage.

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    Not too involved with BSF directly here but it really comes down to the specification document as far as the school is concerned. If they don't get everything included in that document that they need it will not be part of the contract and therefore require payment.

    Ultimately it won't be the NMs or Techs problem as they will either have been TUPEd and will therefore be an employee of the support company and not the school and will have to stick to the contract that they may or may not have had input into. Or for whatever reason they will not be working at the school at all. It seems to me that there may be a tendancy to treat the advice coming from NMs and Techs (if it is sought) as an attempt by them to "save" their jobs, when in a lot of cases they may end up with better pay and conditions and dare I say it maybe a bit less work to do ?


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    Join RM and you will get a much better deal on everything if your single and can move about that is. All you gotta do is look on their career section.

    Don't think it will be enforced witch in the other schools which they haven't mentioned for a while longer yet. Once they finished with the rubbish schools they will move on to everyone else. But be time that happens BSF will be cancelled - no doubt.

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    There are tonnes of threads on this subject - try using the search button.

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    *removed - thought better of posting that info. here.*
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