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BSF Thread, "Preferred Sellers" calls in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Anyone else getting calls from the managed service providers "Preferred Sellers" trying to drum up business before BSF has wrapped ...
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    "Preferred Sellers" calls

    Anyone else getting calls from the managed service providers "Preferred Sellers" trying to drum up business before BSF has wrapped its monopolistic tentacles around the school??

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    Problem solved at my school... the ICT budget has been wiped out for this year & next.

    I doubt I have enough money to fund consumables such as toner, never mind buy any kit. Subject depts have been told if they break anything they have to pay for repair/replacement as I have no money for spares either.

    It makes getting rid of cold callers easy though, I just blame BSF

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    We've done a similar thing, just to get rid of cold callers.

    I know it's tempting fate, but we've been telling any cold caller we've just been amalgamated into our LA's BSF program. We haven't yet, but as soon as they hear that they can't get off the phone quick enough.

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    I've been telling callers that for nearly a year lol.
    After January 2010 it'll be true though
    Any purchases etc won't be my responsibility then, so hopefully I'll just be left alone to keep the network ticking over until the refurb when all my hard work gets ripped out (possibly along with my job)
    Oh, well.... just waiting now to find out exactly what is going to happen - not jumping until the ship starts sinking (unless we get a decent captain - Northgate or RM, not sure which to hope wins it really)
    Either way I think both companies use the same kit so we'll be lumbered with an RM CC4 network.


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