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can't a manged service provider make the same mistakes ?

except their mistakes are multipled x number of times if they get it badly wrong as far as solution selection.

I don't know, just asking the question. I think what you really need is to employ people at school level with the right experience in procurement and solutions delivery. Ofcourse it would probably mean upping the pay to attract this calibre, and possibly a bit of hand holding of the school senior mgmt during the recruitment process, but atleast these people are then on the payroll......which i've always preferred, direct job creation.
Managed service can make the same mistake the difference is that if they don't meet the performance target for the kit they don't get paid. Also the specification describes and educational outcome which has to be solved rather that x amount of kit that is not linked to classroom. The problem with this is they then don't take any risks on new untried tech and we end up with bog standard solutions (ie M$ office all round).

School level expertise is the best solution it unfortunately may also be the most expensive (some schools currently undervalue and underpay ICT staff) and least sustainable (try to replace expertise for undocumented network !!). Shared expertise (as shown by the popularity of edugeek) has to win over.