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BSF Thread, BSF Comments in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Just read this article called School of Hard Knocks and wondered if this fella called Phil Halliwell is either on ...
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    BSF Comments

    Just read this article called School of Hard Knocks and wondered if this fella called Phil Halliwell is either on here or been reading all our ideas about BSF as he seems to have very good reasoning on the whole BSF arguement....

    very good article

    Letters to the editor - a blog from computing.co.uk

    article is halfway down, second article after the picture of the boat

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    No comments thus far... who's gonba be the first to link them here?

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    Strange, this is exactly what was discussed by myself and two other NM's on the way home from the Norfolk Network Managers conference as BSF has been announced here now.

    I must have been bugged.

    School of hard knocks

    It is important for trained and knowledgeable IT support staff to be onsite in schools, being involved with teachers, pupils, curriculum planning, the school’s management team and the local authority (LA).

    Managed IT services cannot even hope to understand and be involved to such a degree. You have to be there full time and be involved to fully understand (£45bn schools plan fails to impress, Must do better: 45bn schools plan fails to impress - 17 Apr 2008 - Computing).

    This need not be done with a fully outsourced IT service – it is better not to farm out IT support totally. Building Schools for the Future (BSF) should offer the best of both for schools. The schools should retain IT staff onsite, employed by the school or LA. There should be meetings and forums where the LA or a single supplier could meet with school IT managers and agree what should be supplied and how.

    That way, all schools can input and innovate and work on a level playing field. Then local IT managers can liaise with the school leadership and move IT forward.

    There should also be a second level of IT support available as a technical resource, working across many schools to ensure IT is being implemented in a consistent manner across the LA.

    IT support should not be outsourced because of BSF, and BSF money should not be used as a noose around schools’ necks or a bribe to encourage them to make bad choices.

    Phil Halliwell

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    comment/EG Advert left

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    I and a few others on this forum have been talking about this for the past year or so.
    It amazes me in that we are supposed to be at the front of communications and yet here we are going over old communications as if they were just thought about yesterday.

    I feel as a taxpayer first that vast amounts of money is being squandered in the name of IT and not a word is mentioned except to pontificate the fact that the BSF program has not achieved it's goal for the second year running falling short by.........................352 as they had set a target of 200 schools to be built every year.

    They have blamed it on the recession for this failure and have promised that they will hit the target of 2000 new schools built by 2020, well all I can say to that is poppycock!!! it is another government incentive to try and save money short term but in real terms costs the taxpayer up to 6 times over the long term.

    When all the money has been squandered on frivolous IT items, which is just eye candy for the staff, most do not know how to use them and also would not have the inclination to use if given the opportunity through lack of training.

    When will government learn that just throwing money at objects in a bid to get better results does not work as it is not sustainable long term and just a means to an ends politically and gets private companies feet in the door so to speak in terms of the privatisation of our educational system in the long term sense of making profit.

    When will someone listen to the voice of reason from more than just business consultants hell bent on procurement to tend them a nice fat profit margin as outside in the real business world it is hard competition and profit margins are virtually non existent.

    I am all for new schools being built which are fit for purpose but not for these architects dreams which are just eye candy for the masses and a disaster area for those people who have to work and learn inside them..

    Rant over and if I have offended anyone........................it was not intentional

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