now that it has hit our region, and seen the plans for the new school, I'm starting to get concerened about what will happen to us IT support people.

the plans for the school were shown to both public and teahing staff this week. looking at the plans our school will go through a mixture of remodelling, and rebuild. One thing I did notice on the plan was a server room.

I spoke to the arcetectures about the build and asked them if they knew what would happen to the IT support role, as the SMT have not shared any information with me.

They said I needed to speak to people who have been TUPE'd and to find out from their experiences what I should expect to happen.

Now after reading many threads I have had mixt feelings about this whole BSF, TUPE'd stuff. I've felt angry, anctious, and confused.

For the first time I told my gf what was happening and my thoughts on the situation and she said to find out as much as possible and read up on this TUPE stuff.

after reflecting on the situation I've decided to try and look at this from a posotive angle and try and prepare my self for when it all starts.

its another 2 year before the construction begins so I've decided to do the following by wanting to ask soe questions and my plan to the solution

what is TUPE exactly?
Will my pension be protected? (I will be going in to my 6th year at the school this September)
what job roles are on offer?
whats do these BSF server farms consist of in termes of hardware/ software/ and technology

Because I have 2 years to hopefully bring my self up to BSF scratch and have chance at keeping a job in IT I plan to do the fillowing.

complete all the server 2008 exams (completed the AD exam last month)
windows 7 exam
Study and complete apple server and mac exams
look into cashles canteen systems
record anything I do that is of majour improtance and update my CV
Create an online CV website about myself.
improve my photshop and web development skills.
management course

Its alot to do in 2 year but im bl**dy determined to make sure I'm employablewhen the time comes.

I've already completed the following

A+, N+, S+ MCSE 2003