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BSF Thread, Redstone bid for IT Managed Services in Birmingham schools in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi Guys. New to the forum here. Some background on myself. I am an ICT Technician in a school in ...
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    Question Redstone bid for IT Managed Services in Birmingham schools

    Hi Guys.

    New to the forum here.

    Some background on myself. I am an ICT Technician in a school in birmingham. It is my first job in IT and have been lurking around on the forums for a while after a recommendation from another forum.

    I have found that my school has taken on BSF and that Redstone have won the bid for the IT managed services. I dont know where I stand now! The building work needs to be completed before obviously redstone come in and these will take approx 2 - 2.5 years to complete. So I know I have atleast that long to find another job. Is it likely that Redstone will take us on or use their own people?My team consists so far of a network administrator and two technicians. With the servers going to the new data centre / farm I know there wont be any need for any 3rd line support. But what about the day to day desktop support?

    Are all the ICT techs going be out of a job?

    Does anyone have additional information on this matter?


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    Hi Fatp,

    Your likely scenario is that you'll be involved in TUPE. If you give that a search on here there are loads of posts. A lot of posts are quite negative about the TUPE process, but some speak warmly of it - essentially it gives some people much more scope and routes for progression.

    If you were TUPE'd you would have the same working conditions and pay etc, you'd just be working for Redstone!

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    I dont think you have anything to worry about at the moment so dont get yourself worried about anything :-)

    Your school will have to make a choice in about a years time about BSF and how it is going to affect the school. I would hope the school includes you in the process so you understand what is happening with managed services.

    I would take this first year at the school as an opportunity to show your school that you are a great asset to the school and you dont need that much help from managed services


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    Redstone didn't take on some staff in Lancashire. Perhaps our East Lancs members can elaborate on the circumstances there?

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    Burnley Staff Redstone

    Actually that's untrue. All technicians who wanted to move across did. The IT/system/network managers ae the ones who normally find it more difficult. See the Redstone threads mate.

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