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BSF Thread, Alternative Procurement Business Case guidance in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; If anyone is interested, here are the guidance notes for producing an Alternative Procurement Business Case (attached). Shame it took ...
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    Alternative Procurement Business Case guidance

    If anyone is interested, here are the guidance notes for producing an Alternative Procurement Business Case (attached). Shame it took a FoI request and 22 days' wait to get them, but that's typical of this scheme I suppose.

    Thank you for your email of 26 February 2009, requesting information
    under the terms of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000, for
    documentation and guidance on producing an Alternative Procurement
    Business Case (APBC) for ICT services as part of the Building Schools
    for the Future (BSF) Programme.

    You have requested all the documentation and guidance (or links directly
    to it) which would be provided to a school when producing an APBC for
    ICT services as opposed to taking on their Local Education Partnership's
    (LEP) proposed ICT managed service.

    You have also requested any supporting documents which would need to be
    supplied by the school when submitting the APBC, as well as any other
    requirements, such as fixed deadlines for submitting the documentation.

    The Department's response is as follows.

    I attach the BSF - ICT Alternative Procurement Business Case template.
    This must be completed where a school wishes to opt out of the managed
    service, as set out by the Local Authority for their BSF programme, and
    triggers the requirement for an APBC.

    Guidance for schools for producing an APBC for ICT. This sets out the
    process for BSF - ICT APBC which will help to ensure that there are not
    different levels or incompatible ICT provision across schools in the
    authority, and that ICT is employed effectively to transform teaching
    and learning.

    ICT Output Specification. This sets out the key criteria that should be
    used to inform the design and development of the BSF ICT provision. The
    specification is divided into four main sections. Section 1 -Design and
    Installation Requirements, Section 2 - Transition and Implementation
    Requirements Section 3 - Operational Requirements and Section 4 -
    Financial and Management

    Timescales and Adjudication: The school has 42 days (six weeks), from
    the date on which it receives the APBC documentation, to prepare and
    submit the business case and appendices. Further details and the process
    of submission are outlined in the guidance.

    I hope you find this response useful. If you have any queries about this
    letter, please do not hesitate to contact me quoting the reference
    number below in any future communications.


    Gursham Singh
    Department for Children, Schools and Families

    So there you have it. If your school is looking to make a start you should at least have a little more than the ridiculous 42 day deadline to put something together. Obviously I have seen the likes of Villiers in Ealing and Notre Dame in Sheffield getting turned down despite having excellent ICT in place and a very clear vision so I am not particularly hopeful, but I hope it at least levels the playing field a smidgen.
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