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BSF Thread, Questions for BSF team in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Some of you may be aware that Bolton LA is currently going through the initial stages of BSF . As ...
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    Questions for BSF team

    Some of you may be aware that Bolton LA is currently going through the initial stages of BSF.

    As part of this initial phase one of the LA's consultants is arranging a meeting with IT Techs and the BSF project lead.

    So I'm just sounding out what questions need to be / should be asked, what areas need to be covered etc

    Any thoughts / suggestions / opinions etc would be appreciated

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    Oh Dear

    Well if its anything like the Derby City IT Technician meeting (I'll ignore the fact that I'm not a technician) you will just get your questions answered with rubbish generic answers like we did.

    It was just a case of pretending to keep us in the loop when really they were just wanting to keep us quiet so every single IT support staff in Derby schools doesn't just decide to get other jobs and leave them in trouble.

    Since that meeting no more information has been given to us - and worst of all I have seen members of SMT going to BSF meetings every 2 weeks (but who knows what for). Well if they want to stonewall me and decide their IT vision by themselves they are welcome to what they get from it!

    I've seen what comes from them deciding IT projects without my input and its quite funny what we got.... nevermind....
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    I'd cut to the chase when I'm Tuped and the company I now work for ...
    is hit by the "credit crunch" and goes bust what happens to my Job ? Will the LA keep me on as my roll is vital for the school ?

    Don't let them say that will never happen the best answer you should let them get away with is "I don't know" because at least that is honest

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