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BSF Thread, BSF Delays... Again! in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Shock, horror, scandal... BBC NEWS | Education | Schools hit by rebuilding delays...
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    BSF Delays... Again!

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    Schools minister Jim Knight said: "While this government is committed to rebuilding or refurbishing every secondary school, the Tories have pledged to slash our school building programme by £4.5bn.
    "This would mean cancelling one in seven future school building projects - a total of 360 schools. Instead of criticising the BSF programme Michael Gove should come clean about which schools would no longer be rebuilt if the Tories had their way."
    1/7 odds of keeping our jobs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Face-Man View Post
    1/7 odds of keeping our jobs...

    Where we are they've excelled the ICT provision by a few years to bring it dangerously close, but the build is still almost a decade away...

    With the way the government are going, chances are we'll get outsourced and the schools ICT provision will plummet to an all-time low and we STILL don't get the build. Government win-win, schools lose.

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    The Tory threat to cut the BSF program funding will just mean those authorities that are dragging their heels with BSF at the moment will suddenly find new impetus & get their act together in case they lose funding

    On a slightly different note, according to the BBC the sponsor for an academy in Middlesborough is seeking to terminate their sponsorship.......

    BBC NEWS | Education | Academy sponsor seeks to withdraw

    I wonder what happens if no new sponsor is found? Does the school return to the 'fold' and become an LA school again?

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