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    Has the Turkey voted for christmas ?

    Came across this today.

    Partnerships for Schools - Excellence in BSF Awards 2008

    Please have a look at it.

    Am I the only one to find it deeply offensive and depressing?
    Especially in the light of today’s Guardian front page headline "£35bm revamp will produce generation of mediocre schools"

    I am wondering if some measured intelligent appropriate response can be made from this community.

    Can we have a discussion about it.
    Your comments and any ideas are welcome.

    Perhaps we could look to sponsor a delegate ?
    How we would gain from the expense of £210 to eat a cheese toasty with Mr Byles I dont quite understand, but a report on the goings on may be interesting, and would raise the profile of this community.

    You may wonder what this has to do with turkeys voting for Christmas.
    Well having said they are going to celebrate the new the innovative, the creative etc, the original, they had better come up with something pretty good.

    With increasing scrutiny of the BSF stuff from all quarters - whatever they come up may also be examined and exposed as phony, unproven, untrue, old hat and spin.
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    It's all fairly depressing and it shouldn't be.

    this is the first time in decades that a government has attempted to provide really good schools - too many are inadequate (in building terms rather than learning outcomes) and this should be an opportunity to get it right.

    I don't work in a school but my experience of new builds is that a huge amount depends on getting the right architects at the outset. One small example - the building we opened last year has lots of good features but some nightmares (network cabinets which are not big enough because the "design and build" process didn't design it properly - we've ended up with a cabinet full of patch panels so the switches go in a neighbouring cabinet...) By contrast, the next building has much better architects (I'll name them - Faber Maunsell) who are already asking relevant questions about networking infrastructure even before the final shape of the building is in place and with plenty of time to get it all right.

    If BSF has architects and planners of the latter quality then there should be nothing to worry about. If they're not then this will be just a huge waste of money.

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    Quite crafty of them to pick Taffy Rob Brydon as the Celeb speaker.

    Wales schools are not being swallowed up and spat out by BSF.

    I've got an observation Rob can use if he likes, in reaction to this official blurb.

    BSF is already beginning to transform the face of education for thousands of young people, their
    teachers and the communities they live in.

    BSF is much like cosmetic surgery, very expensive, done for misguided reasons, and doesn't last long or change the underlying problems which are cultural and rooted in the psychology rather than the physical Conehead
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