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BSF Thread, Interim Managed Service - October! in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; I've have read most threads that relate to BSF and a private company that Technicians are being tuped. My story ...
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    Exclamation TUPED / Tuping?

    I've have read most threads that relate to BSF and a private company that Technicians are being tuped.

    My story begins with me at the ICT Suite planning software deployment over network. Suddenly I see my Headteacher and tells me about a company called Ramesys and that I will be transfered to that company. He said it could mean 'Progression' in terms moving forward in IT.

    Whilst being so brief and even worse, very vague, he questioned me: what do I want to do?
    Left in confusion I asked myself what on earth is he talking about? First thing that came to mind was...is he / management tryig to get rid of me? but why?

    I was totally confused and went in panic mode. I decided to take a day off and left a voice message with deputy head saying that I won't be coming to school becuz of what the headteacher said.

    A day after I confronted D.Head and told him of my concerns. With fake promises he assured me there was nothing to worry about. Same came from Headteacher Assistant.

    In fact they said to me that they have yet to meet with Ramesys. My feelings tell me that they had aleady met and discussed about ICT. My Line Manager who happens to be ICT Co-ordinator resigned with the reason that she was suffering with ulser. That was a strange move since she could take 6 months off and come back to school.

    Now everything has once again gone too quiet. It almost seems like as if there are things going on but secretly.

    So I have now decided to rein in the Union and call ramesys (directly) and ask key questions.

    I need to plan wisely in terms of arranging a meeting and need to ask right set of questions.

    I strongly believe that management are hiding something but my call to Ramesys might bring some light.

    Over and out


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    Less than a month to go for me now guys. Finally got given a date of 03/04/09. Got our 1:1 Meetings to discuss terms next week!

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    In the long run when being tuped out to biggens like RM you might be better off than working directly for school - thats if your prepared for relocation after a 'bit'.

    Though new things appear like no final salary pension? Horrible targets which take a hit on pay etc...

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