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BSF Thread, The BSF folk song..... in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; One of my esteemed teaching colleagues composed the following to sum up the general feelings he is getting of BSF ...
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    The BSF folk song.....

    One of my esteemed teaching colleagues composed the following to sum up the general feelings he is getting of BSF.


    To meet with suits from BSF,
    the middle leaders went.
    Beneath their arms were tucked
    the rolled-up plans that they'd been sent.
    They walked into the room
    and gave an Anglo-Saxon sign,
    and said the plans should be stuck
    somewhere that the sun don't shine.

    The whiteboard's on the windows
    and they've badly placed the doors
    You wouldn't want to know
    what they have done with all the floors
    Some walls they have moved around
    and some they took away
    From one day to another
    we don't know what's going to stay

    The suits they all drive fancy cars,
    they turn up in their jags
    And cause us so much trouble
    that we're all back on the fags
    The head is on the G&T,
    the senior staff have fled
    And everyone is fed up
    with the lines that we've been fed

    The school that they've designed for us
    is fine with no kids there
    There's sockets in the sinks
    and no fans to take the air
    They promised us computers
    that the pupils could all use
    But not enough to teach IT
    so they'll all be confused

    We asked them to be flexible
    they gave us desks in rows
    And where we're going to put the books
    goodness only knows
    To let us know that they are here,
    there's cards for kids to share
    There's 30 on my register
    but only one is there

    They've put science in a cupboard
    and there's history in the hall
    Teach 90 kids at once
    we'll have 'em stacked up wall to wall
    The math's department's on a diet,
    don't know if they'll fit in
    To teach here after BSF
    we'll all be on the gin

    They asked for blue sky thinking,
    we could have it our own way
    but when it came down to it
    they just simply wouldn't pay
    We've had so many meetings
    each one with a new design
    We're all so fed up of it now
    we all want to resign

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