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BSF Thread, Smoke Mirrors and BSF conmen in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by broc View Post
    Looks like a procurement problem to me.....
    definitely. They were ordered in 1995 by the tories !

    The major difficulty with the purchase arose when the MoD discovered that it had neglected to include in the contract a clause that would provide access to the source codes for the highly complex software. Without them, RAF specialists were unable to check whether the adapted helicopters passed Britainís strict airworthiness criteria.
    £500m ‘wasted’ on Chinooks that have never flown - Times Online

    bbc dumbing down again

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    Quote Originally Posted by conehead View Post
    "Sharing control
    Many schools currently employ their own technical support staff, set their own ICT priorities, purchase software and control implementation.The concern therefore is that a partnership with a managed service provider might change this and consequently hamper innovation.
    In reality, good providers fully support in-house teams and work closely to encourage innovation."

    I find this paragraph the most deceptive in the article, reading that fluff, you would assume the school retain their own technical staff, who would be supported by the MSP>

    If it is true ICT is often the highest cost in school budgets after staffing and building costs, it's no wonder MSPs want to become the recipients of this cash.
    Well facilities have a larger budget and they are also being outsourced...

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