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BSF Thread, Anyone been tuped? in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Originally Posted by ngreenwood I do not know where these keyboards have come from as I was not at the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ngreenwood View Post
    I do not know where these keyboards have come from as I was not at the school before BSF. As far as I am aware every setup is different but one thing in common is that they are all geared to eliminate downtime. It is common sense to ensure that you have spare keyboards to ensure that broken ones can be replaced. There is no magic formula. We have some keyboards in a store room, when these get used the school buys some more.

    The School buys ??!? I thought RM puurchased them at radically increased prices for the school..

    Who stock controls them ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by L.Kay View Post
    Thanks for the info, but I have some more questions if you (or anyone else) can help?
    1) How can I be sure that their employment stability policy has been adhered to, and is lawful?
    2) I was told that the grade was lowered because Job evaluation had indicated it would be lowered anyway in a few months' time. In fact this did not happen. I have been told they were not allowed to use that justification, but the fact is, they did.
    3) Is there anything I can do?

    1) Get a copy of the policy, it'll be on the internet. If the process that is in the policy hasn't been adhered to then it isn't necessarily illegal. However the reason employers have these policies is to ensure that laws aren't broken - ie the DDA,equalities etc.
    2+3) I don't think theres anything you can do about it, unfortunately the employer anticipated the outcome of the evaluation incorrectly. You could complain about it, but realistically it wouldn't get you anywhere other than rubbing it in that they are idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberNerd View Post
    I'm afraid Tupe doesn't apply to schools merging because it is the same employer. The local authorities employment stability policy will apply, probably the posts are made redundant. The new posts are ring-fenced for the 'at-risk' staff (competitive interview).
    I know this thread was a while ago but I've new developments that may be of interest to some. The LA had previously announced the situation as in the quote above and the staff in both merging schools have been long-prepared for imminent redundancy, together with the oncoming fight for ring-fenced, salary-lowered jobs in the new school. An interim Head was appointed and a staffing structure drawn up. However, since we're actually a VA school, as are both the school with which we're merging and the new school itself, there IS a change of employer (since in VA schools the employer is the Governing Body, not the LA) and so TUPE therefore DOES apply.

    This has only just been announced and, with the merger arriving next September, all plans for the staffing structure have had to be thrown out of the window and the whole merger is now increasingly looking like a complete shambles, thanks of course to the LA not doing their homework properly.

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