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BSF Thread, Article in Computing 15th May in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Well, Computing are continuing with the BSF related articles, and have an interview with Tim Byles, the chief exec of ...
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    Article in Computing 15th May

    Well, Computing are continuing with the BSF related articles, and have an interview with Tim Byles, the chief exec of PfS.


    Is it just me or are all his answers completely pointless? When asked why he thinks people are being critical of the IT aspects of BSF he responds with saying that BSF is about providing not taking away and then says that 'in many cases'. Which doesn't actually deal with the criticism that it will ruin the hard work in those schools that have superb systems and staff.

    He also admits that consultation hasn't happened like it should. So he really just confirms the exact criticisms many people have anyway!!!

    So, he pretty much sounds like a politician and doesn't actually help appease any of my criticisms, i don't know about yours...

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    Tim Byles represents an organisation part funded by HM Treasury and part funded by leading UK financial institutions with a vested interest in promoting PFI. As HM Treasury has no money to rebuld schools the burden will fall upon the private sector to find the money, and they will only do so if they can see a return(profit) on their investment.

    Schools are the last big opportunity for PFI & outsourcing in this country.

    History will tell how successful PFI has been.
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    Can't read the article, seems someones decided to DoS the computing.co.uk server :P

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    Same here - but is back up now.

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    Tim Byles is a Civil servent. What do you expect him to say ? His anwsers are mandarin - a language like english, but which carries meaing which can only be understood by non civil servents 18 months after its been uttered. I can feel sleepy impotance desending as I read it. I guess they are all trained it.
    But what does it say? motherhood and apple pie, we are big and powerful and we really care, you're small and you should leave the big picture stuff to us. I'm a reasonable man, with everyones interest at heart. Go back to sleep now and trust daddy to deal with it.
    we reply ......Zzzzzzzz

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