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    PFS Website


    This is what it says about ICT Staff under "School Worker"

    They specifically mention ICT Technicians... (looks as though schools are starting to hear)

    I have underlined 4 things

    1/ Not all staff are guaranteed jobs

    2/ So we become Teaching Assistants as well..

    3/ Servers moving off site (so if in 5 years time or earlier the school want's to ditch the Managed Services they can't because they do not hold the servers)... I know of a couple of Schools in London that desperately want out of their Managed Services..

    How much would it cost to re supply and make active a set of servers for a school again.. at least £50k.. and how off puting would that be..?

    4/ The present staff at the school are not skilled enough to run the servers.. they are skilled enough to only hold the Teachers hand

    Information specific to ICT support staff and technicians

    As part of the ICT Managed Service, network managers and technicians in schools will be given the opportunity to TUPE across to the company running the Managed Service. This does not mean that technical staff will disappear from schools or that someone will have to be 'called in'. The local authority and its schools specify the level of technical support which they expect from their Managed Service partner. This might include the retention of one or more full-time technical staff on-site in each BSF school. In such circumstances, the technician might be the same person with a different badge on their shirt. They would be working to a clearly defined set of service standards and would be trained to help them achieve those standards.

    Many 'technicians' actually perform a much more varied role in schools. With the increasing reliability of hardware and software, many schools have developed their technicians so that they provide direct support to learners and teachers in the use of ICT. As technology develops, remote technical support of ICT equipment will become more efficient and offer better value for money; indeed in some cases this remote 'fixing' will be carried out by the machine itself. Consequently, pupils and teachers will gain from the opportunity that having a wider role will bring to technical staff.

    In all BSF procurements to date, the local authorities have required the ICT Managed Service provider to TUPE across all existing school ICT staff and - in many cases – these staff continue to work in the same school, albeit for a different employer (if under the admitted body scheme, they probably have to work in the same institution).

    Additionally, in most BSF projects to date, the solutions being tendered include the provision of a central (usually locally sited) data centre on the wide area network. There are usually still some servers retained in schools for functions such as content caching, but most server functions transfer to the data centre. Once the data centre is established it will need managing by high quality staff who understand the education sector. It is important to remember that the commercial ICT partner will need to recruit locally and will not be bringing in staff from outside. The local authority should make this a condition of awarding the contract.
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    Yep ... and that has been in there for some time ... and one of several things I disagree with.

    If you have a look at the ICT Output Specification docs you will see the template and guidance docs. The template is just that ... a template. unfortunately too many schools get involved in this *after* the business plan and draft specifications are written. You will not the the template has a fundamental column, an LA Enhancements column and one for Schools / Academies.

    It is the last one that is important for us. This is where schools can argue their case about requirements. It is also where schools and LAs fall out as the LA enhancements might contradict the School Enhancements. That is education politics for you ... and all you can do is give your senior leaders enough ammo to fight their corner ... and it has been previously mentioned about how to word that ammo in many discussions.

    There is other stuff on that page that is out of date too. Newcastle have removed the ICT section of the BSF programme and will run it themselves.

    It is also worth mentioning that the 'additional' roles that support staff in schools do are another area to fight for. The facts and figures do not take into account some existing examples that many of us here experience such as resources creation.

    Their arguement is that if this is shared across schools then you tick the boxes for collaboration too ... but forget that resources often have to be tailored specifically for an individual curriculum. Why else do places like Cramlington and Shirelands employ several staff purely to create resources ... why do they have partnerships with universities or businesses? This aspect of things doesn't seem to be well captured in the documentation either and I would love to have the time to speak with someone at Northgate or Bristol brunel ... or maybe Stoke. If there are any members from those areas that wish to make comment anonymously please PM me or would you like them to contact you directly, grommit?

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