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BSF Thread, Real BSF costs from schools who have gone through it in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by siuko View Post
    I'd just like an understanding of the difference between bsf costs and charges under their rules and how much it would cost me to purchase equipment, build computers, purchase software etc under my own steam. (Such things as why would bsf purchase new OS software on the new computers when I already have £9000+ worth of WinXP that will be wasted and £9000+ of office software etc)
    OK... this is how it will work...

    Your entire system gets gutted and rebuilt... all PC and servers under 3 years old MIGHT be kept on.. but after they are 3 years old they will not be supported

    You will not be able to build PCs as the Managed Service Company will be building them and supplying them.. (you might be lucky to hump them around the site and get to install them)(if you are TUPED)

    As for the software this might be asorbed by the Managed Service Company and discounted on the PCs that the school will be buying..

    You will not work for the school any more and your boss will be a team supervisor at a large company so you will no longer be "chatting" to the Head Teacher anymore as there will be a suit at The Company who will be the account manager..

    You might get Reprimanded for talking to the Head as you will just be a drone taking instructions from a help desk

    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey View Post

    You're on an 18x7 contract? How did the school swing that one?
    Heh heh... what I mean is that we are there if needed.. where as under the BSF you'll get nothing out of hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by siuko View Post
    But some schools HAVE been through bsf and so must have pricing structures in place for many of their extra requirements.
    The reason there are no cost breakdowns is because most of the BSF schools (12 so far, instead of a target of 200 by now) that have completed rebuild were 'quick win' or 'pathfinder' schools where contracts were agreed before any managed services agreements were in place. I suspect they don't know themselves what their ICT running costs will be yet.

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