Thanks ChrisMac timing is everthing. Our school is currently looking for a site wide wireless solution which can cope with capacity in addition to coverage, to date after looking at various solutions Xirrus has come out top of the list. We are therefore testing one of their arrays and have to admit once the teething problems were sorted that today we connected 30 laptops in one classroom with 15 of them 'n' standard connecting at between 150 and 270mbs using channel bonding. The staff and students were suitably impressed, although in fairness this is just a test with one array so cannot test the ability of users to roam but we are confident the solution will more than meet our requirements. I would like to agree with Chris that the Xirrus support has been very helpful even to say that it has been excellent with Ben and his team remoting in on occasions to tweak the array and test laptop network settings. This is an exciting time for the school in which a reliable site wide wireless system could very well transform our use of IT.