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BSF Thread, Edugeek and BSF in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Originally Posted by GrumbleDook EduGeek and BSF response part II As for the staff (presumably Admins mainly) and their views ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    EduGeek and BSF response part II

    As for the staff (presumably Admins mainly) and their views on BSF ... those of us who have been involved in the conversations (namely me and RussDev) have a sense of 'realism' about all of this. We keep telling people that getting involved at a local level is the only way you will make a change.

    EduGeek sits on the fence. We admit it ... but we also sit on the fence about Windows vs OSX vs *nix ... we sit on the fence with SIMS vs CMIS ... with Moodle vs Sharepoint ... it is called a balanced view. Personally I draw the line on Vi vs emacs ... everyone knows vi is best!

    Yes Tony...

    There happens to be a slight difference between sitting on the fence on issues of OS's and other non life changing issues..... to the BSF who's outcome is the destruction of the Education In-House ICT Support Community Countrywide...

    I find it sad that you think that the BSF is as petty and trivial as VLE's, Editors or MIS differences..

    I think this matter is a little bit more serious than that mate

    As stated elsewhere... School ICT Network Managers have no place in the BSF vision... and this is rammed home at the BETT Future Schools Stand.... "Outscorce everything and Full Managed Services ONLY"

    Fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind...
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    BSF is not going to go away; there are going to be radical changes, I don't think anyone doubts this. Many jobs could/will fall by the wayside as the BSF Managed service juggernaut trundles on. I feel however many people will survive, and for some they will find their situation improves although for many things could get worse.

    It is crucial that schools stand their ground, demanding a level of service that they need to function effectively and ensure they do not suffer (Many will of course). Our role as ICT support staff is best served by ensuring that our schools realise what we do for them today, and what the managed service might do for them in the future. The more schools realise what they might lose, the more demands they should make upon the LA during the complex and drawn out BSF contract negotiations.

    The tougher the schools are in their demands, the less attractive the prospect is for potential bidders. The more bidders that have second thoughts, the tougher life becomes for Partnership for Schools (The REAL Enemy behind BSF Managed services as far as I am concerned!). P4S are already under extreme pressure from HM Government because of the delays in the program. Many wave 1 LAs have yet to deliver anything.
    P4S have tried to blame the LAs for not having the planning resources, the real truth is P4S keep changing the ground-rules and making things up as they go and many LAs are fed-up with having to jump through hoops.

    We cannot afford to be seen as a bunch of self-interested whingers who can be dismissed by our LAs, potential bidders, P4S & others as being purely motivated by our own job security or 'need' to own our school networks. We need to be professional & constructive at all times, despite the frustration and genuine fears we all have about our future. I am not sure if I will have a job in 3 years time. I believe my school and others in the LA have made a case for maintaining high levels of onsite support, time will tell how this shapes up.

    Edugeek is trying to present a balanced view & maintain good relations with commercial organisations in part to fund its operation but also to ensure it can engage in discussion with organisations involved in BSF. I think we should support this.

    Personally I think it is more like walking a tight-rope than sitting on a wall.

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