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BSF Thread, Northgate questions in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Face-Man View Post
    The problem with all these wonderful ideals of modernising is when the bottom line comes in and it is realised that they can be achieved at a price that is affordable and compromise is made often to such an extent that all you do is a patch up job....
    I think you've hit the nail on the head right there. The intentions are good, but there isn't enough money being put forward for it. If the budget, which I am seeing is £40bn for ever school, and there are roughly 4000 secondary schools, that works out at, what, £10m per school? For rebuilding/refurbishing every school, that is not much really.

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    you can't get much equipment for that money these days! have you seen how much desks and chairs cost? it's scandelous!

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    Figures I have seen suggest refurb is around £12-14m, rebuild is £19-22m, unless you are an Academy where it can be £22-26m+ especially if you get gold-plated taps in the HTs en-suite

    I believe ICT spending is on top of these figures. I guess there will be regional variations, and of course when the London Olympics building projects really get under way there will be a national shortage of skilled construction workers.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Face-Man View Post
    As this thread has now got on to the wonders of modern schools and the joys of old edwardian buildings we should not forget what schools are for ie learning (not for containing young people to stop them getting locked up somewhere a bit more expensive with a 24/7 service honest ...). ....
    Really ? I would argue that schools are equal measure learning and keeping kids off the street or watching daytime telly. Middle england realised a long time ago that if you really want you're kids to learn and get on without the distractions send them to private school - that's if they don't get a place in the local grammar school. Billions dound the toilet - sorry, investment - in comprehensive schooling isn't going to convince them otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broc View Post
    Then we had the 'hang on a bit'.... we only have £xxx million pounds available, and that has to cover all of the consultant costs, .
    Yep... ours were in the region of Half a Million Pounds upwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grommit View Post
    Beeswax I doubt that any onsite Technician would get Admin Passwords as this is one of their main money spinners...
    The onsite technicians wouldl TUPE to Northgate and in order for them to keep costs down and hit their SLAs they will want them to do as much as possible and therefore they'll certainly be given admin passwords but also strict guidance on what they can and can't do.

    At the end of the day Northgate's and RMs service is pretty much dependent on the quality of the onsite technicians they have and as they are TUPE'd this is largely out of their control - hate to be blunt but there's some good guys out there but equally we all know colleagues who we wouldn't touch with a barge pole and no end of training will make a difference to them!

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