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BSF Thread, Saddened and dismayed. in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Its funny, you know... The people who try to convince us of the benefits of managed ICT have a vested ...
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    Saddened and dismayed.

    Its funny, you know... The people who try to convince us of the benefits of managed ICT have a vested interest in the situation. But I suppose thats normal. We all try to fight our corner as best we can.

    One guy from a service provider told a group of us that his bonus would be reduced if schools were not happy with the company's performance. What makes him think I or anyone else gives a damn. I work more hours than I'm paid for, doing my best to meet the needs of the students and staff, with no bonus on the cards! If the service I provide was below par, I would get a bollocking and if it was consistently below par I would get the sack.

    But unlike me, mister service provider will see his bonus reduced. Is this supposed to make us feel confident that they will provide us with a decent service?

    What a Joker.

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    Re: Saddened and dismayed.

    My other half works for a big firm in London. He had the rep from one supplier in tears after telling him that they would be terminating their contract. The firm had had nothing but awful service from the supplier...

    It's not the rep's fault they lost the contract, the company he worked for was terrible. However, his employer employed him to please the customers; he couldn't do it; his employer didn't like it.

    It's not the customer's problem! The rep needs to consider a career with a better employer!

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