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Blue Skies Thread, ICT Department Structure - what's yours? in General; (second try at a diagram) Curriculum ======= Head ( SLT ) -> Deputy Head ( SLT ) -> Assistant Head ...
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    (second try at a diagram)


    Head (SLT) -> Deputy Head (SLT) -> Assistant Head (SLT) -> Head of Business Studies (and ICT) -> 2 Part Time Teachers

    Head (SLT) -> Business Manager (SLT) -> Network Manager (Me) -> Cluster Tech (senior), IT Tech, IT Admin Support Assistant

    Pretty sure that's the structure here In a proper diagram I'd be in line (in terms of responsibility) with the Head of Business and other Department (middle management) heads. The three below me are directly managed by me (there's no line management between them) but are stepped in terms of pay and responsibility.
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    Deputy Head (SLT) - Network Manager - Techs (Both 'Senior' - If had to employee another Tech it would be as a junior).

    ICT Curriculum has no direct relationship with our team, however they are always welcome at the weekly meetings betweeen me and the deputy.

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    I am officially senior tech, with another tech and a heldesk op/admin who is more of a technician than just an op. we all officially report to the head of college as our line manager/budget holder, but in actuality I manage them on a day to day basis (which i don't get paid NM money for)

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