The good people over at purpose/ed have new question so thought I would repost there google+ post here and ask you all...

What's the purpose of assessment?

What's the purpose of assessment?

Here's how to get involved:

1. We want the debate to be distributed across a wide range of places, but collated here in this thread. Google+ (at the time of publishing this post) hasn't got threaded comments which makes it better as a collection point rather than a debating tool.

2. Write a blog post, start your own Google+ discussion, tweet or otherwise post your opinion(s) on the purpose of assessment. Add a link to them in the comments below.

3. Find and debate with others on those threads, on Twitter (use the hashtag #purposedassess), or elsewhere.

4. Use this thread to collate what's going on - try and limit the number of replies to the responses given here. Save that for the threads elsewhere that are linked to.

Please direct any questions you have for clarification to +Doug Belshaw and +Andrew Stewart please.