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Blue Skies Thread, Head of of Ofqaul asks: why aren't students using computers in exams? in General; if we can just get microsoft to upscale there multipoint server then it should be possible to have a closed ...
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    if we can just get microsoft to upscale there multipoint server then it should be possible to have a closed network to run the exam systems on
    (i know we could just do the same with normal server but i want a reason to try this)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNewnham View Post

    It is going to cause so many problems - how will we be able to manage hundreds of wordprocessor users at the same time? We have already gone the thin client route and have a room configured with about 18 machines. However, the problem of what would happen in the event of a power failure (which is not really a problem with a laptop with a battery) is still one which remains unsolved.

    If your terminal server is on a UPS then the pupils session will still be running. Though this is only useful for those short power cuts/blips. Currently we only have a few pupils who use a Word Processor, and they're supervised by our LSAs, what woul happen if this increases drastically I don't know.

    I know EG have already spoken to one of the top dogs about online exams, maybe we all need to keep badgering the boards/JCQ and they will eventually listen. having different software for different boards, with updates that can require a reinstall - last years WJEC (secureassess) being one - is not feasible long term......

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    On the one hand I think that to test a student's understanding it should be possible to have paper based exams, it's been working for the past few hundred years and society hasn't yet reverted to the dark ages because of it
    I can only see an advantage of using a computer based exam if you want to challenge the students more, or if you want to probe a students detailed understanding of something requiring elaborate tables, graphs, or perhaps 3D mathematical models for students of engineering or architecture for instance.
    If PC based exams are merely digitized versions of paper based exams and don't add anything new then I think the upgrade is a waste of time. It should be really innovative.

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