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Blue Skies Thread, Notices out of order in General; When I started in this job I inherited some laminated "this computer is not working" signs. I quickly found a ...
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    When I started in this job I inherited some laminated "this computer is not working" signs. I quickly found a faulty machine and decided to place one of these signs on it to let people know it was not working. When I came back to the computer later in the day my sign had been stolen so I decided not to use them anymore. A few weeks later while tidying one of my labs I found a photo of (i assume) one of our students elder brothers standing outside some far east temple with my This computer is not working sign around his neck. Over the few weeks I would keep finding other similar printed out pictures as my sign made a tour of the far east. I never did find out who had taken the sign.

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    I've attached ours. It's a fillable PDF that lets you type the workstation name in before printing. It also automatically calculates today's date when printed. This solves three problems that I had:

    1. Teachers/kids leaving hand-written out-of-order notes.... and NOT telling IT support (then a week later a teacher complains it's taking ages to get the computer fixed - also see #3).
    2. Kids moving the sign from the broken computer to a working computer (for giggles, obviously).
    3. Clearly shows exactly when the problem was reported to us, to stop teachers complaining that we're taking too long.
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