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Blue Skies Thread, The Mythic Good Teacher in General; I remember the names and faces of every teacher I ever had, and I should thank them all. For each ...
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    I remember the names and faces of every teacher I ever had, and I should thank them all. For each and everyone of them gave me the confidence and inspiration to succeed.
    Particularly Mrs Penny my IT teacher, who endured my persistent faecetiousness over the lack of real IT curriculum (we got taught desktop publishing!?!) and allowed me to stray somewhat in class, and help out with network problems at lunchtimes.
    But the two people from which I learned the most; My dad and grandad, the redneck kings of the hills! Taught me to ride (Th'Horses), shoot, kill it clean it eat it, and just about every other thing you could possibly need in life.

    And to Barry Jones; the teacher who decided we didn't need religious education "because it's all B****cks". He was right!


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    Will always remember the legendary IT teacher who used to refuse to teach us about editing in paint and tought us vb scripting instead.
    Who refused to teach us how to copy and paste but how the path between you typing google.com and getting the page on your screen worked.

    And come to think of it, the techies hated her. Partly because she thought she knew what she was doing when she logged into the DC and shut it down thinking it was her PC.

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    Meryl King in Geography for supporting me through a difficult time and for not giving up on me and liaising constructively with my mother to get me through the aftermath of my Glandular fever.

    Ravi Shah in Chemistry for explaining things in a way I understood (even though he was horrible to me). I remember the chalky fingers from all the explanatory diagrams on the board.

    Margaret (I think) Gravell for NOT disciplining me when I screamed at Rebecca Daly in Maths when her bullying pushed me too far and I snapped.

    My Year 3 primary school teacher (Beverley Jackson possibly) for understanding that I wasn't disruptive, I was just bright and unchallenged and for challenging me and giving me the most awesome Creative Writing assignment EVER.

    I've also met some great teachers when I did my teacher training - Tig Williams in IT at Mountbatten for generally being awesome and teaching kids useful stuff and for making the stodgy curriculum content bearable.

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    I remember a Mr Anderson who took over our Maths class after we had spent the first term without seeing the same maths teacher twice. It was nice to have a bit of stability. His first lesson he spent teaching us what a square was and I thought this guy is an idiot we know all this, but six weeks before the exam it all clicked into place and I had an understanding of Maths I never had before, without him I would not have GCSE Maths and all the things that came with it.

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