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BETT 2015 Thread, How to get some freebies. in General; Originally Posted by tech_guy Talking about people wheeling suitcases - when I went last year there was an old dear ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tech_guy View Post
    Talking about people wheeling suitcases - when I went last year there was an old dear who dragged hers up the stairs taking about five people out in the process, and then proceeded to demolish the exhibit at the top of the stairs with it, totally oblivious to the carnage going on behind her.
    Ban them!! Too many people pee about with them on the flippin tube as well!

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    Not exactly a Freebie, but AVP (go upstairs from the edugeek stand and they're right in front of you) had 3 bins of software CDs for £2 each... stuff for Primary age children that may be of interest.

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    Got a better haul than last year, although I'd guess freebies would be down this year with tighter margins and all that...

    - Mug, post it notes and year planner from Samsung stand (printer section)
    - 4 colour pen & squeezy stress "ball" in shape of a PC from Acer
    - fluffy fuzzy wuzzy mascot thingy from a stand near the front
    - EduGeek USB panic button (getting installed on my work PC first thing Monday morning )
    - and the best till last... a shaped jibber jabber with bubble blower solution in the bottom from AverVision... that's one way to get the other guys' attention in the office from now on

    Shame I missed the nVidia free game, need something to give the new home PC beast a good workout - didn't think they'd be at an education show so never looked for the name in the list!

    Could've done with a free pizza tho - between 4 of us we ended up buying 7 from Pizza Express... a single 20cm pizza isn't enough to sustain a whole day of walking round BETT
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    how many rude people bumping into us all over the place. My other half is pregnant, and she joined me and loads of people bumped into her without saying sorry, and you cant miss she is pregnant!

    As for my haul, got a mug from a2z. stress ball in the shape of a frog from Konica Minolta, 4 sets of board markers, a stapler, a coaster, and a few pens, plus a free copy of adobe design suite CS4 by winning the raffle they had on...lol

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    well I got the lenovo note book that look like a laptop and also got on of the edugeek emergeny launch button. not as good as last your for freebis but the button made up for this

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