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    A thank you from the BETT staff

    What a week. On Sunday morning the remaining 4 admins went home from London utterly exhausted and spent. What a week, what a show, what an awful lot of pizza ate by Tony!
    I have to give a list of thank you’s here, in no particular order as if I don’t get it done now I will feel incredibly guilty!

    Tony (Grumbledook) – For organising the entire thing.

    Shaun (zerohour) – For getting the new site up and running and coming down from Aberdeen for the week. And not snoring.

    Ric – You kept the good name of EduGeek alive and well by not giving in to the vast quantities of alcohol you drank. And not falling asleep during my seminar!

    All of the EduGeek members who helped out on the stand – You worked so hard for so long for so little I thought you were all from Poland! I doubt any forums have as dedicated a community as we do.

    Russ – You ran around like a lunatic for a single day achieving in that short time what it took me to do in a week. No one should know that amount of people!

    RM - For paying for the hotels, even if some of them were miles away from each other!

    All at SmoothWall – For being the most pleasant and wonderful company to get along with and giving us access to a vast supply of free smoothies and taking our guys out for steak.

    D-link – Thanks for the quick loan of the wireless base station, switch and IP cam, even if the switch did keep crashing!

    PC Advisor - For getting the supplement written by us out into the world.

    Sun – The Sunray kit and workstation was a big draw. We love you.

    Oliis – The Navaho digital signage was spot on. You should get a few follow ups through that.

    Epson – For the nice large free prints and dammed nice printers.

    EMAP – For providing us with the stand.

    Serif - For helping with the forgotten costs of furniture, electrics and insurance.

    All the EduGeek members who came to see us – Sorry we had you queuing to talk to us on Friday. It was all very flattering. You are all very lovely people, you really are.

    All of the corporate organisations and industry personalities who came over to say how much the liked what we do. I’m glad we are doing it right!

    And finally Pizza Express for being the cheapest concession in Olympia. I just wish we knew this on the Tuesday, and not the Friday.

    And a big yah-boo sucks for the following things.

    £5 A pack sandwiches

    People dragging little suitcases with handles on slowly behind them and causing chaos and tripping all round.

    Those visitors who did not belive were we were free!

    Very large stretch Humvees for being tiny and cramped inside as well as being embarrassing to be seen in.

    London beer prices.

    Various corporate entities for trying to buy our user database. Don't worry guys, we would never sell your details.

    Roll on next year. We have big plans for a big stand. Can't wait
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