Well, itís finally over for another year. I say finally, because we stand staff donít get to go home until today and Iím writing this as Iím on the Pendolino heading back Ďup northí.
Once more BETT has enjoyed the presence of many hundreds of EduGeek members all scouring the stands and seminars for the next interesting thing, information or sometimes just to see their suppliers in the flesh.
We did intend to get a lot more live information up during the show, but we ended up swamped on the stand with many more visitors than we anticipated, so whilst we had people out looking at new products and questioning manufacturers and suppliers, we simply did not have time to post these up for you all to read. For which we can only apologies.

Next week however the stand staff will try to be posting about the things they had seen which caught their eye, and chats they had had with suppliers and manufacturers.
However, seeing as there were many more of you there than us, we think it would be nice if you would post up your own post-BETT reviews and give us your thoughts and feelings about what you had experienced during your trip.
So please feel free to start a thread and share your views, no matter how big or small they may be, as these would be especially helpful to those who could not make it this year.
I shall be doing the EduGeek stand write-up tomorrow once my brain has had a full nights rest and 2+2 no longer equal Ďmehí and there will be photos soon.
Wait to you've seen us all trying our best on the Dance Dance Revolution stand. It's a sight not easily forgotten!