Trip to Bett.
ICT and education come together at the Bett show each year which is still the Mecca for education innovation and the market place to show new products, ideas and too catch up with some old colleagues. My trip this year was with a little trepidation as Councils throughout the country are under extreme budget cuts and cost cutting. Lots on offer as always but sometimes too much of the same thing, with too many stalls eager to grab attention when the focus is to get around and view what is currently relevant. My focus is learning platforms which everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with new web companies dipping their toes into the market. All seems to be heading to glossy very graphical interfaces which is good. but from my experience goes nowhere unless schools have a distinct road map and use the LP as a learning tool rather than thinking that it is just a web site. Sharepoint 2010 which is our next move to upgrade caught my eye on the Microsoft stand as did LP+ offering whose sales guy had a very good understanding of schools’ needs . The day ended with my wife winning a signed copy of Gorilla by Anthony Brown as well as scholastics read respond and engage!