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BETT 2014 Thread, Hollie @ NetworkSi & iPod Touch Outfit in General; Originally Posted by RingOfFlame Always nice to hear from you hunny. Maybe I am jealous, just not for the reasons ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfFlame View Post
    Always nice to hear from you hunny. Maybe I am jealous, just not for the reasons your thinking of.
    I'm sure we can get you an iPhone outfit if you want one that bad.

    Anyway James, I didn't see this person at BETT but great costume!

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    Thanks for the comments folks on the iTouch costume. The reason I wore the hand made costume is (not only because I am a big Apple fan!) but because I actually believe that the iTouch can be a learning aid for students - not to replace laptops/netbooks but as an addition to them, a learning aid for not only in the classroom but for on the move, outside of the classroom and at home.

    Yes there are lots of questions surrounding this, who what why/security/wireless etc etc which is why companies are available to help with this.

    I hope to have the opportunity to visit some of the schools in Toronto later this year, to see how the students out there are learning with the technology available to them as some of the most digitally innovative schools in the world are located in Toronto.

    Also if anyone wants to make me an offer for the hand made iTouch costume then it is yours....The money will go to UK based Charity IT Schools Africa....

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