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BETT 2014 Thread, Stone UMPC - First Look - Thoughts? in General; ...
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    *The eee has a 4 gb HDD ad the Stone has a 40

    Why do you need that much space?

    *The eee is Unix and the Stone is XP

    That isn't necessarily a good thing :P

    *The stone has bluetooth

    Which would be disabled as soon as we bought one at our school

    *The stone has a touch screen

    So will end up getting damaged by kids who prod too hard.

    *The Stone is only just over £100 extra

    £100 extra is a lot, considering it is 50% of the price more!

    *The Stone more RAM

    Only because it is needed to run windows properly :P The amount in the eeepc is more than adequate for what it runs.

    *The idea of these in our schol is for senior staff to take them to meetings..

    Our's have normal laptops if they wish to use them. We're only looking at umpcs for kids to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grommit View Post
    The eee has a 4 gb HDD ad the Stone has a 40

    The eee is Unix and the Stone is XP

    The stone has bluetooth

    The stone has a touch screen

    The Stone is only just over £100 extra

    The Stone more RAM

    The idea of these in our schol is for senior staff to take them to meetings..
    Cool. We have got a few Eeeee's for exactly the same reason. They have been a success so we are getting a few more. I'm going to (try) hold out untill the 900 is released

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    got one on tuesday, great for going around the site to troubleshooting.
    judging by the size of is keyboard and screen ideal for field trips (lightweight, portable, excellent battery life)
    and also for primary schools (small keypad, screen, tablet functionality)

    I demo'd it to staff here and they seamed very interested.

    It was a little slugish, until i adjusted it for best performance. Got it on the domain, running office 2003 & sophos.

    Still testing!

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    Just a side note.

    The reviewer says
    the screen seemed a little cramped running Windows
    One thing i would say about that is to remove Luna and go for the 2K look it seems to make more space on smaller screens.

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    went into a pcw store the other day and they had the easynote (aka belinea aka stone aka ....) on display and i was really suprised at how small it was. I really liked the form factor and the build quality. i've no idea on performance and battery life compared to the eee, but first impressions were good. I preferred the design to the eee.

    I personally wouldn't go with any of the variants that use the 'thumb' trackpad and buttons on either side. That is a truly disastrous idea....

    i think the belinea uses the more conventinal placement of trackpad which is the one i'd plump for.

    screen size is another niggle, the amount of space left unused is criminal, they could quite easily accomodate an 8.9inch screen like the new asus, instead of the bizarre use of the right hand side.

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    Got 32 of these in the school now so thought I should comment.

    They are ugly! They are slow!
    I took one home over the holidays to play with and have to admit I found myself using this ugly, slow thing instead of my monster of a laptop, it is light small and for browsing the web and vnc it is perfect. It also fits very easily into a back pack.

    I would be very happy carrying one of these around our wireless enabled school and using it to rdp to server, to allow me to do my job from anywhere.

    As for having XP not Linux, I can see no point complaining about having the licence there to use if you want to if not these machines specs are good enough for running Linux.

    Forgot to rant:
    What is the point in supplying skype bluetooth phones to education?

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