What a f???ing nightmare First teachers were told to install it (didnt need to used a zip and just unzipped it) then it installs firefox (with very bad coding) and all it is is a copy an paste facility. Next as teachers use roaming profile the go abnove limit no problem up to 100 mb+ above and to top it of when i do manage to redirect it to a network drive the cant use it at home. With that and dll issues and crashing pluss much more and this is recomened by dfes built by capita (mozila) and told non it savy teachers just to install it and even gave them the zip folder to install it. Who do i charge for the extra 15 hours work i have done this week. Then they turn round and its no good so i am uninstalling it (when is the uninsal its not there) never again and the teachers have said the same.

ps sorry about spelling grammer its just wound me up that much needed to get it off my chest.