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Bad Experiences Thread, Samsung!!! in Purchasing and Trading; I hope someone can prove me wrong when it comes to samsungs' repair service because my experience has been Sh*t. ...
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    I hope someone can prove me wrong when it comes to samsungs' repair service because my experience has been Sh*t.

    I purchased a CLP-600N for £250.00 and promptly set it up. It was excellent for about 3 months then it all went horribly wrong.

    I now get complete megenta pages when i print and they continue way past the maount of pages printed. I quickly called samsung to come and help me out.

    They put me through to the Tech support who then proceeded to book me an engineer. I was told it would take upto 5 working days for him to arrive. Little did i know that he never would. 5 called the following Monday and rebooked another engineer. I did arrive 3 days after and he swapped out mainboard.

    It Hadn't resolved the problem so i called again and again they booked me an engineer. Once again he was to take 5 working days. He never arrived. So i call back the following Monday and ask where he is. They gave me the direct number for DigiCare. I called them and they said that he needed parts to arrive that were on order and they would be arriving in April around the 16th. This was the beginning of March. This was not acceptable since it is too long so i called back Tech Support and they said to speak to customer services. I did so and they said they understand my frustration but they were obligated to follow their Policy of having an Engineer visit at least three times before they could swap out the machine. They booked the engineer again and he arrived within three days, WITH his parts. he replaced the Fuser, PSU and Hight voltage board but still no good.

    I called PCWB (since this is where we purchased from) and they refused to deal with it as they only give 30 days with themselves. I then called Samsung again to rebook an engineer. Now in April he never arrived. I said i would give him two weeks (since it was Easter break) andif he never showed up i would be speaking to trading standards as they have breached their contract of time to repair. He never showed up. I called samsung to explain what i would be doing and they Then said they would replace the printer but it would take 14days. They would also need to collect the old one first. It is still here. I rang again today to find out why it was still here. They did not know why it was still there and have now said i should expect to see the replacement within the next few days.

    Why can they not juast replace the god damn printer with a new one. It ain't even worth the amount of cost in time for someone to come out and try to repair it 3 times?

    As i said though i hope someone can prove me wrong since i do like their products and their printers are really good. I have one at home and have never had an issue with it at all. We have also just purchased two colour lasres (the small footprint ones) networked for £175.00 for the laptop trolley and Nursery.

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    Re: Samsung!!!

    I don't know about the sale of goods to businesses.

    If as an individual you buy something with say a 12month guaruntee it's the retailer who you bought it from that is supposed to deal with any claims on your behalf however most will tell you to go direct and wash their hands of it.

    My experiences of samsung have been good we just ordered a monochrome laser and they couldn't fulfill the order so they told the supplier to give us the next model up for the same price. The model we receieved was twice the cost of the first one.


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    Re: Samsung!!!

    Samsung goods are excellent, but support can be a bit naff, the UK Plasma / Large screen support is with Steljes AKA SmartBoard UK, and here endedth the lesson, those who have had dealings with Steljes or read about them will know why I will end quickly, but surfice to say 1.5months later I got my new 32" HD LCD Screen swapped.

    It was a joke though, was told 5 days before escilation if Steljes hadn't swapped it out, phoned 10 days later to say still no swap out, was told oh no we told you porkies its longer told give it another 10, gave it another 20 oh not they are still allowed to not have swapped it, In the mean time ask to speak to a manager who said that I had been told lots of incorrect info as I had been told if my model of screen was not avalable i could request an upgrade to the next model, but it would be a reconditioned unit which is fine with me, but that was wrong, all they would do is write me a letter to my original supplier telling them to send me a new one on recipt of this letter they send me, which they then send off to Samsung to get a cheque for payment of the invoice.... (sounded a complex mess to me!!).

    Anyway, in the end it was swapped, but I will say that there is parts of Samsung I like and parts I don't. Large (over 26" I think they said) LCD, TFT and Plasmas in the UK are supported by Steljes on behalf of Samsung, but under that its Samsung, and for those they are amazing, best help ever, couldn't ask for better help and support.

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    Re: Samsung!!!

    The retailer is only responsible in any case for 28 days - some retailers will take your case up with the manufactuer, but thier not obiliged to.

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