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Bad Experiences Thread, symantecrenewalcentre.com in Purchasing and Trading; ...
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    Watchout for these guys!

    symantecrenewalcentre.com are nothing to do with Symantec at all.

    They "purchase" customer information from Symantec on expired contract and product renewals.
    Then canvass the data for potential renewals.

    One school was recently contacted by them along with an urgent renewal notice.

    Now the renewal was for a product that was no longer in use and ready for retirement.

    The renewal was priced at RRP pricing not the Academic pricing, they eventually reduced the pricing down to Academic but only after they managed to sell another years maintenance on the product that was about to be retired!

    In this case the Bursar ended up paying £2k for licensing they do not need and will never use!....
    The symantecrenewalcentre.com probably made £200 profit from the deal, Symantec got a renewal they were not expecting and will probably never have to fulfill.

    Be very careful if you are approached by them, just make sure that you are getting the best deal possible and that nobody in your organisation is making renewal arrangements out of your budgets you don't know about!

    All of the correspondence is made to look like it's actually Symantec that you are dealing with however only the certificate you will eventually get is from Symantec themselves.

    This is not so much a Con trick as a misrepresentation of the facts, you could be in for a nasty shock when your normal reseller contacts you to tell you that you maintenance is about to expire only to find that you have just renewed all of your old licenses at full retail....

    Buyer beware...

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    I believe they also masquerade as the NetApp Renewal Centre.. I was contacted by them a few months back, and the salesman was very pushy. He didn't get anywhere with me though. Definately avoid.
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