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Bad Experiences Thread, HP Technicial Support in Purchasing and Trading; It's not the support that gives me headaches, it's their cr4ppo laptops. HP 510s, I'm looking at you - no ...
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    It's not the support that gives me headaches, it's their cr4ppo laptops. HP 510s, I'm looking at you - no auto boot pxe, xp home on the recovery partition (took hours to generate cds too), slow nic, no hdd light. Rubbish!

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    I've had 4 disks go on a san over 2 years.... next day replaced.
    Had a MB die on a server after a bios upgrade, next day an engineer was out with replacements.
    They custom made 2 bios utilities to tidy up GUIDs in laptop bios, again next day.

    viewsonic..... now theres a company that has (ready for the internets most used word) shocking support.

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    We had a motherboard replace under warranty because it died, came and fitted and working...but put away because it wasnt being used, come to use a restore disk (created from the machine) it comes up with "Restore Disk Not for this model" I was like WTF?! Rang HP and spoke to a chap I spoke to before over another issue, a very helpful chap who knew his stuff! Im my experience, they are very reluctant to replace things under warranty unless they are completely dead but never had an issue tbh! Very helpful chappys!

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    Their a bit difficult to deal with on the phone, very long-winded but once they have established you need a part, it gets to you pdq.

    I used Viglen Tech Support on Monday and I have to say, it was a breeze. I got through straight away, told the guy the problem, we agreed it was probably the mobo and an engineer was in at 10am next day.

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