Okay so this isn't really education IT, but a lot of members have there own sites so may be worth a post (and the PMD forums don't get indexed by google).

I recently purchased PHPmydirectory for my website, after a few niggles it was fine and I put soem sample data in.

Now all I needed was a professional skin, so I purchased the Pronet - Blue template for my new install.

Payment was made and a few hours later my link turned up, yay!

I downloaded it, read the readme and attached EULA, and uploaded the "pronet" folder and contents to the template directory as instructed...

A quick template import and I had the new template, and it was working on the main page....


Something wasn't quite right, the listing page didn't work, neither does the search box dropdown on the frontpage.

Thats okay I will reupload and reimport - Didn't work.

Will assign the listing template in products/services - Didn't work

Oh alright I will log a support call - No reply (waited ~24 hours)

Oh I'll reply to the ticket - No Reply (waited another ~24 hours)

Oh I'll email there support email address - No Reply (waited almost a day now)

Now I don't expect a company to fix a product instantly but I do expect them to acknowledge the issue or at least reply to me.

I have now logged a dispute charge with the hope of recovering my money or coming to a solution, but in short avoid PMDSTYLES at all cost.

P.S Home - Leicester and Leicestershire Business Directory