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Bad Experiences Thread, Orange, wanadoo and RBL blacklisting in Purchasing and Trading; Just a small note really as this one has created me a lot of problems due to a private client ...
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    Orange, wanadoo and RBL blacklisting

    Just a small note really as this one has created me a lot of problems due to a private client suffering as his email weren't being received.

    A large number of Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserver SMTP servers are actively blacklisted at the moment and as a result anything being sent through them (which is pretty much anything from an orange ISP customer) can easily be refused if the recipient uses an blacklist checking spam filter.

    Given that the ISP seem to require you to use their SMTP servers and not any 3rd party ones ([irony]presumably to reduce spam[/irony]) this is likely to affect pretty much anyone.

    See the same thing happen with another client who got a blacklisted IP from T-mobile for his roaming net access card but that's just a normal abuse issue..

    Either way orange seems to have a lot of smtp servers on the blacklist and have done for a few days now.

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    Re: Orange, wanadoo and RBL blacklisting

    Had one refused from a Tesco account. It was explained to me that it may not be the actual originating server that is blacklisted but any relay along the way that will get it bounced. Our RBC was very good about it and the fix was to forward the bounce email to a special address they have set up for these, they analyse it and either remove the server from the black list if it is wrong or contact the ISP and ask them to fix something there end.
    HAven't heard of any problems from the user since so I'm guessing it works.

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