We just had a call passed through from Provista UK who when I spoke to him, stated he had spoken to the boss about "Unified Communications and wifi etc" which instantly raised alarm bells because we have no wireless nor are we thinking about wireless so I challenged him on the fact that I know we wouldnt have been speaking about that and he continued to say that I was in the wrong.
At this point I asked for his manager and he stated he was the sales manager. I then asked when did he speak to the boss and he said "August 20th". I said to him this smells of bull basically and he said oh no I did speak to him so I thought I would ask for him number in case he is correct and then the boss can call him back. He refused to give me the number point blank and said he would email the boss.
Funnily we are still waiting.
I think the provista are these lot based on that conversation:
Provista IP Communications

I would have NO dealings with a company thats sales division lies on the phone to get past gatekeepers.