This is an interesting one as I was provided with a license by a guy I've known for years who is an partner.

I appreciate that most folks in the education world won't really be all that worried about it but for a number of reasons I thought I'd share this one, especially for those who might have a sideline in e-commerce.

I've had the software for about 6 months now and in truth I've liked it quite a bit... It's a lot more user friendly in many ways but they had a host of things that really needed sorting out like the ability to paginate between orders or similar.

What has really opened my eyes and resulted in this post is their approach to customer communication.

Rather than blather on here's the "high" points to this company:
  • Inability to provide patch or "changed file" updates
  • Notification of updates or upgrades are piecemeal or non-existant
  • Complain? get your posts moderated, locked or finally your forum account limited.
  • Pre-sales : slow response time, promise of returned calls, no follow through
  • Maintenance change in policy announced very badly... 4.x to 4.5 is considered a MAJOR upgrade so 50% cost to get new version
  • Outcry from customers = change in numbering from 4.5 to 5.x... just a tad transparent
  • Customer services and marketing don't "bother" with the customer forums... left to tech support to respond
  • Too much reliance on "proper" channels for support, sales, etc... if customer uses wrong channel it gets ignored instead of being passed on.. WTF?!

... the list goes on and I could rant for the world but in truth I'd be wasting my breath

It's a great product but when my forum access got limited back to peon again I just can't help but shake my head at the myopic idiocy of it all.

These idiots take feedback and just ignore it and given that the product is around $1000US, with maintenance coming in at $200 or so for 12 months there's a lot of confusion as to what you get exactly.

Anyway, bottom line... Avoid!!