Fair play, Acer support can be dire sometimes - but they turned the corner about 3 years ago. I have over 100 of their laptops - all on the 3 yr extended with acc damages. If I ever need to return one, its 2 phone calls - one to the support centre and the other to DHL. Its true, the do have procedures in place than mean they need certain info from you, but if your work with one of their major resellers - you can get a copy of what info they require and build that into your own procedures.

This is what we do. Before any laptop is reported to them, we test the machine with one of their Diagnostic CDs which we got sent - and then the technician working on it completes a form with all the relevant info on it including all diagnostic info we have done. We include a copy of this in the box with the laptop when we send it off. The repair centre know we do this so the minute they call up our details - they know they will get all the info.

So long as you put a bit of work into your procedures - their support works really well (touch wood so far!!).