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Bad Experiences Thread, CSE - Good or bad? in Purchasing and Trading; Hi all Been in touch with CSE regarding their Classview CCTV [a possible ideal situation for vandalism and misuse of ...
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    CSE - Good or bad?

    Hi all

    Been in touch with CSE regarding their Classview CCTV [a possible ideal situation for vandalism and misuse of computer suites in my mind] a few weeks back - after the BETT show. Didnt go myself, but got a leaflet through previous to the show with info about these systems.

    One of the people from there keeps chasing me up and I keep telling her that I will get back to her at some point [she doesnt seem to realise that I have many other things to do hehe].

    Just wondering if its just me or are they known to be pushy?

    Has anyone had any experience with them?

    My problem is that although I think it would be a good idea, money-wise, we're a little skint and it'll probably have to wait until some more comes our way ...but she didnt seem to understand that I dont know when that would be, if it even happens or not, etc etc - as the old saying goes... "nothing's garanteed!" [well they would say that if it was spelt right]



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    Re: CSE - Good or bad?

    Hi Nath,

    I don't know if you saw the case study for CCTV that CSE have done, but it is my school that they have used. I was very pleased with the job they did and I must admit they wern't too pushy, but it was Reg Towse I dealt with and not a woman. What is the lady called that is bothering you?

    Anyway, we have been happy with our camera system although there has been teething problems, and I have worked closely with CSE and without blowing my own trumpet, have probably helped them to improve their systems, IE pushed them to look at better security software, other cameras and servers etc.

    Anyway, what I would say to you is, if you plan to have a few cameras just in the ICT rooms, and you have done some cabling before, then it wouldn't be too much of a problem to do it yourself. But if you are thinking long term, and want to have an extensive CCTV system in place, then ask them to quote for you. We have had 41 cameras installed and although I am glad that we got them to do it because of the sheer scale of the project, I have learned how all the software works and could probably set up a similar system myself if I needed to. It's not that difficult.

    Anyway, if they keep bothering you, you will just have to be blunt and tell them they are not exactly winning you over by harrasing you!!!

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    Re: CSE - Good or bad?

    We have used CSE for our curriculum LAN since way back. I won't say any more publically, but if you want another opinion drop me a line and I'll help where I can.


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