When I started my job in August 2004, our school was migrating from RM CC2.4 to a Vanilla Windows Server 2003 Network. I had no say in the matter as I was merely a temp at the time. The Network Manager and bursar chose a company (that used to be?) based in Docklands called 4G Computing.

Absolute waste of time they turned out to be! They had 1 technician who was very good had all the necessary CCNA, MCSEs etc and actually knew what he was doing. As for the rest of the technicians, 3 at least, even I knew more than them and that was me coming straight out of university and not having touched a server before in my life. Except for the 2 MCP modules I did in college in 1999 - NT Core Technologies and Setting up an NT Network or something along those lines!

After dealing with them for the next few months whilst we tried to get everything up and running again. It was finally decided by the Headteacher that we wont do any further business with them. Soon after this, their website had mysteriously disappeared and we've never heard from them again.

This was in 2004, not long after, their main sales rep and the only technician who had a clue of what was going on moved to setup their own company. The sales rep emailed my manager quoting "After the right mess that was 4G myself and the technician have created our own company ICT Bank." Just out of curiousity I went to their website in late 2006 and the phone number was no longer in use and now their website is dead too!

I was just wondering if anyone else had any experiences with either company or if they knew what had happened to them.