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Bad Experiences Thread, IJT - Ink Jets & Toners - makingitgreen.co.uk ARGHHH in Purchasing and Trading; Joab4t, your first post is that? Do you work for IJT? Welcome btw...
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    Joab4t, your first post is that?

    Do you work for IJT?

    Welcome btw

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    :-) I know what an opener, I joined a while ago but generally one of my colleagues (at Teignmouth Community School) uses Edugeek so much i decided there wasn't a lot of point using it.
    I only decided to post as when I put them into Google I saw the Edugeek page with so many comments that were so different from my experience. I'm sure they are all accurate and truthful experiences that people have had but figured that if they had all the negatives it was only fair to share my positive experience as well.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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    I realise this thread hasn't been updated since last September, but I felt inclined to resurrect it one final time so I could add today's exploits. I bought a printer from InkJetsandToners, and have had appalling service from them, with inks exploding, the works. I also placed an order with MakingItGreen, not realising they're the same company, and was promised some very urgent inks by next day delivery. They came 3 days later, and were for the wrong printer. I returned them, and was still being invoiced for them 3 months later. I have since emailed both companies FIVE times to ask if I can be removed from their mailings, and today yet ANOTHER one came through. I presume this "David White" doesn't actually exist, as emailing him back certainly gets you nowhere.

    Has anyone else had continued problems with this firm?

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