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Bad Experiences Thread, eCar Insurance in Purchasing and Trading; Hi, I am sick to death of eCar, i have now cancelled and gone with another provider. 1. They would ...
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    eCar Insurance


    I am sick to death of eCar, i have now cancelled and gone with another provider.

    1. They would not let me change my number plate of my car after i purchased a private registration without renewing my policy for another year. Surely this isn't fair?

    2. Website is very buggy and unusable, various error messages, unable to do what i want.

    3. I have to ring a premium rate number to resolve my issue. To add insult to injury i am kept on hold for a minute, then you hang up saying too many people are on the phones. I have given you money for no service at all.

    4. You take over a week to reply to an email, not good to say its an online insurance company.

    5. Now i have cancelled my policy you will not refund me money without me sending back my documents. They do not provide a an address to send them back on your website or email correspondence.

    Rubbish service!
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    Sounds like you did well to move away. :-)

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    I'm stuck with them for the rest of the year as the direct debit wasn't setup properly (We did send off the details). They also had me running on a learners insurance for a long time (after 3 emails and 1 letter which was tracked to say I passed).

    They are god awful, support sucks, site sucks.

    When I was on the phone there was a lovely chap called 'Michael' I think, he was super helpful and gave me all the direct numbers to departments, he did his best and if he ever reads that I would love to say thank you.

    Also. Try this number: 01454 634810
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