I've had enough of this piece of software now, so I thought I'd leave a warning to others on here.

Here is a list of the faults with it that I have suffered with so far:

1. It installs to the c:\ drive under c:\bb. No program files etc... Microsoft development guidelines have said not to do this since Windows 95!!
2. It requires full write access to the folder to be able to exit the program - so you have to give pupils permissions to do this. Which brings me on to the reason:
3. All its config files are per computer, not per user. They are saved in files in the folder above, and not the registry. So, if one student uses a computer, it remembers their work was opened last for example. If that student fiddles with the MIDI settings, it remembers that too. Again, this is against Microsoft development guidelines which promote the use of the registry for a very good reason.
4. Error messages are as bad as they come. The error if number 2 is not in place? "Cannot create file. Access denied 0042270E". Rather than saying it can't save the config files and gracefully exiting. You then have to kill the process.
5. The DXi Synth does not work unless you give the user admin privileges. If you try to select CoyoteWT with DXi synth enabled as a non-admin, it says it isn't a valid dll. You can turn it off and use Microsoft GS Wavesynth instead, but that's not ideal, and it still seems to randomly stop working. (9 machines out of 34 stopped working mid-lesson yesterday).
6. The fix for 2 and 3, according to PG Music's support is to tick 'Run as administrator' or to give pupils admin privileges. Which is ridiculous.

So, my advice is this - if your music department wants this software? Just say no. It is far more hassle than it is worth, look for something else instead. As it stands, unless I can come up with a work around for the latest issue, we'll be demanding a refund from the reseller as it is not fit for purpose.