Hello all, I have a sneaking suspicion that a company called "118 Toner Cartridges" are trying to scam small businesses again re same story as Parador several years ago.

I have had a call yesterday and a call today saying the same speal as i got before regarding toners that have been tried and tested, last longer than usual and they would like to send me out a £15 Next or M&S voucher.

Yesterday i questioned the gentleman and asked if it was real and he hung up (obviously knew i was onto him). Today i spoke with a guy called Ryan and asked him to send the vouchers, he said to me that was fine, i then said to him "So tell me, is this genuine or are you just a bunch of con artists?" He replied saying it was genuine and i ended up saying "I don't believe a word you say" and hung up.

I MAY be wrong but have googled "118 toner scams" and there are notes about this having happened in America also.

Please share this with all small companies and help to put a stop to this shower ripping of more people.