I'm working on a project that involves a small group uploading .mts files (AVCHD Video Files) to a server and have some sort of conversion to allow the files to be played across the LAN embedded in the client web browser. I don't want users to be able to download the videos to their local PC/laptop (though I suspect the more adventurous will find a way to do so if they are determined!). I know little about this whole process at present but think that an embedded Quicktime movie might be the way to go. The problem that I see initially is converting the .mts file to a .mov file. I've seen a link here on Edugeek about Any Video Converter but that seems to require that the software be launched, the video(s) selected and processed to the correct output format. I'd like to have a process that works in the background:

1. a .mts video is uploaded to the server
2. the converter launches immediately (probably triggered by the php web page when the upload has completed) and makes the conversion
3. the converted .mts -> .mov file is saved to the server and is available via Apache/IIS to serve to clients

Is this feasible? Do any of the converters have an automatic convert feature, possibly via a .config file (or similar)? I want the upload and conversion process to be as seamless and transparent to the uploaders as possible. I don't want to have them (or me!) required to open the conversion software and perform the conversion "manually".

I hope that I've explained the situation enough to generate helpful responses.