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    Recording Time-Lapse Video over Summer Holiday


    We have a new build happening this summer holiday (ground being broken this Saturday) and I thought it'd be nice to give the head a time lapse video of the build in September, but keeping the idea to myself at the moment in case I cannot manage it.

    Just wondering if anyone knew of a good PoE web cam and piece of software that wont break the bank and i can basically switch on and leave it be for the whole summer break, preferably sub £200 for the camera, free-ware software if at all possible, we have a few Microsoft life-cams i could set p on a laptop if it came to it, but would feel like i had to check the program was still running every day.

    Would welcome any ideas, i figured someone somewhere may have done something like this before and there's no point re-inventing the wheel!


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    I've done this before, for the same reason you want to. I used an Axis CCTV camera (network - a 210 I think it was). It has an FTP client built in to the onboard software, so I just configured that to upload an image, to the FTP server I set up, every 10 minutes. I had a small piece of software (I forget the name) that took all the jpgs from a directory and turned them all into a movie clip. Turned out really well. I guess you could get a network cam like this for a small enough outlay now - I did mine a few years back, and it wasn't that expensive back then.

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    We did a 12Month Time laps of our old building being demolished and a new one being built. We had two cameras ( Mobotix External ) pushing images to an ftp server each and the ftp and then cross replication fo rredundancy.


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